3 Biggest Mistakes Employers Make During Unemployment Insurance Claims

The world of unemployment insurance is complicated enough without the added threat of a lawsuit. You’re already trying to balance all the claims monitoring with hearing dates to make sure you aren’t overpaying. Essentially, you’re trying to avoid making a costly mistake. The bad news is you could be making the error before the claim even comes in. Here are three of the biggest mistakes employers make in the unemployment claims process.

1. Poor Documentation

Your efforts to spare an employee’s feelings could result in legal action down the line. Therefore, the concept of ‘document everything’ exists. The more you have a record of, the easier it is to defend the actions of you and your company.

By glossing over behavioral and performance issues, or even avoiding negative feedback altogether, you’re potentially putting your business at risk. These conversations are hard for a reason, but they can spare you trouble in the long run.

2. Ineffective Investigations

Whether you’re in the process when a harassment claim is filed against, or you’re researching an incident involving an employee, always investigate thoroughly. If you don’t, it can hurt you if someone else does a little more digging.

Even when you think you know the outcome, take the time to learn for sure. Leave no stone unturned in your process, so there isn’t anything you missed that can come back to hurt you during the UI claims process.

3. Lack of Definitions

The concept of ‘at-will employment’ should be well-established at your company. An employee should see and understand these terms both in accepting the position and in the handbook. The purpose of this is to explain the employee can leave or be let go at any time without notice.

When you let someone go, and your definition of at-will isn’t clear, you’re setting yourself up for a day in court. Without easily understood proof on your end that the employee understands the situation, it could be determined that you are at fault.

Avoid UI mistakes with Unemployment Tracker

With so many things to monitor, it’s understandable that companies have trouble managing their UI claims. The lack of a dedicated workforce makes it difficult for others to find the time, but your options for assistance go beyond your staff.

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