“3 Things To Do For Your New Hire On Their First Day”

As an employer, you may feel your work is done after your offer is accepted by a new hire. In fact, the next step of the process has just begun. To make sure your employee feels welcome and ready to do their job, it’s your responsibility to prepare everything for their first day.

Make a Plan

When creating a plan, you need to think about all the equipment and training your new employee will need. Nothing makes someone feel more unwelcome than not having everything ready when they arrive. They can feel like no effort was made to prepare for them and they’ll feel uneasy about their decision to accept your offer.

Work with IT to make sure all the equipment and accounts are set up and ready, so the employee is able to jump right in when it’s time. Part of making their first day smooth and beneficial is working with other departments.

Partner With Your Team

As soon as your offer is accepted, send an email to your team letting them know who is joining them, their experience, and logistics. Work with department heads to schedule meetings so your new employee can get to know all the different areas of the business and put names to faces.

These meetings are important for the new hire to become acquainted with those in other departments, so they can learn how this business operates as a whole and the role each area plays.

Introduce Co-Workers

Part of working with your team and other employees is making sure they meet people on their first day. Adjusting to a new environment is easier when you know at least a few co-workers, and can feel more at home.

One idea is to even have a lunch party either for your office or specific team, within the first week to create a social environment where your new employee can talk with and get to know their fellow employees.

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