“3 Ways To Prevent Unprofessional Conduct In Your Workplace”

Unprofessional conduct can plague a workplace. Whether it’s unethical, offensive or downright illegal, it can crop up at any time leaving issues in its wake. Instead of a reactive approach, consider these three proactive suggestions to keep conduct professional.

Develop a code of conduct

If you want people to follow a specific code, it’s important to make sure it’s clearly stated and not assumed. The creation of a code of conduct allows for standard rules for all workers at any level to follow. Typically, it will contain an overview of how an employee should behave in the workplace, as well as what is deemed unacceptable.

It’s also necessary to include the consequences for violating the code, so your team knows what will happen if they break the rules. This takes a clear stance on many important issues and represents that you aren’t willing to compromise.

Enforce the Code of Conduct

Listing the code and consequences means nothing if you don’t actually enforce what it says. In all situations that violate the code, make sure the appropriate steps are taken each and every time. To make sure all are aware of the policy, give them the code upon hire and ask them to return a signed form stating they read through it and understand both the expected behavior and repercussions for failing to do so.

Impress upon your workers that the consequences are very real. Take all the outlined steps, even if it’s a good employee you’re sure just made a mistake. You can’t get people to follow something if they don’t see real consequences for their actions.

Hire Based on Values

When you’re looking to bring on new hires, you obviously want the best talent, but there’s something else to watch, as well. If you take the time to hire someone who’s not only qualified but values the same things as your company, you’re likely to find someone who isn’t prone to unprofessional conduct in the workplace.

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