4 Things You Need to Know About Multistate Claims

Unemployment insurance is by paid through taxes the employer pays to the state (SUTA) and on the federal level (FUTA). Each state determines its own rules for what unemployment claims look like. Because of this, determining UI can be a complicated process. Adding to the process is the possibility that a worker was employed in multiple states and applying for benefits. When this happens, there are four things you need to know:

1. File the claim for the state you currently live in

Despite working in multiple states, you file the claim with the state where you live. This is known as the agent state and it’s their responsibility to provide you with the weekly payments. Similarly, this is where you will send your weekly updates regarding employment changes.

The other states are known as liable states. Even though you are receiving the money from your agent state, you must still meet the requirements for each state where you worked. They will fund the claim for that state, and you must follow their guidelines to continue your benefits.

2. Keep track of all the paperwork

Because you’re meeting requirements in several states, it’s essential to keep all your paperwork organized. You will need to meet the individual questions and requirements, meaning ready access to important documents is essential to make sure your paperwork is in line and benefits are received in a timely manner.

3. Be prepared to call

Each state will have its own website where you can go online and file, but multistate unemployment claims still require a human touch. As nice as it is to do your business online, you’ll need to call your agent’s state office, and they will help you get everything in order to ensure your claim is filed correctly, as well as correspond with the other states so everything is completed accurately.

4. Submit additional information

With a multistate claim, more information is required because of the different regulations in each state. Keeping track of everything from the beginning and keeping it organized will make the step easy so when information is requested, you can readily provide. Items such as W2s or paystubs may be needed.

Simplify Your Monitoring with Unemployment Tracker

Dealing with a claim from one state is challenging but monitoring multisite policies can take additional time and resources you don’t have. Using an unemployment claims software, like Unemployment Tracker, will make sure all the state rules are followed and keep things efficient for you.