7 Top Challenges HR is Facing This Year

Human resources face many challenges, and this year is no exception. Not only do they balance their current workload in managing an entire staff, but they also have to be aware of coming trends and adjustments that need to happen in the workplace. Here are seven of the top challenges HR will face in 2020.

1. Finding Talent

This one at the top is no surprise considering it’s been an ongoing trend. No longer is the market in favor of companies; now candidates have all the power. Finding the right talent is less about their need for a job and more about your role in convincing them to work for you. Considering this isn’t likely to change for a while, you have to keep refining your strategies to land and keep the talent you need.

2. Using Management to Help You Find and Retain Talent

You can’t design these plans for recruitment and retention alone, so it’s imperative to get our C-line staff on board with what you’re trying to do. Together you can create a plan for finding the talent you need.

3. Inclusion, Not Just Diversity

Essentially, inclusion is diversity with a plan. Hiring a diverse workforce is important, but if you don’t have a plan to make them feel included, they may leave quickly.

4. Transparency with Payroll

The demand isn’t to see everyone’s salaries, but your employees are interested in the gender pay gap and ethnicity pay gap, as well as CEO numbers. With more attention on these areas, it’s important for HR to have a plan for releasing them when requested. Even more, you could plan to make the numbers available without prompting.

5. Costs of Benefits

Across the board, things like medical insurance are going up, and HR needs to find a way to keep costs manageable for the company and employees alike. On top of that, they have to consider new benefits to attract new candidates.

6. HR Budget

HR needs a piece of the budget, but it can be challenging when the goals and ROI seem different than standard company requests. Continuing to work for this can boost programs and efforts across the board.

7. Individual Investment

Incentivizing a team is essential, but research shows employees respond better to personalized rewards that appeal to them instead of the whole. Because of this, HR needs to balance the needs of the many and find ways to invest with the individuals.

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