5 Benefits of Utilizing Unemployment Tracker

Have you considered getting help with unemployment insurance claims? You know the struggle of trying to balance your regular responsibilities with the added work of UI. Currently, you’re doing your best to monitor all the claims that come through and respond appropriately, but sometimes it’s hard, and you worry about what you’re missing.

If this sounds like you, now might be the time to outsource some or all of the work to save you both time and money. Here are five benefits to using Unemployment Tracker.

1. We have a full range of solutions to meet your exact needs

We know your unemployment insurance needs aren’t a one size fits all situation. Depending on your staff size and capabilities, you need something that is custom fit for your organization. Whether you’re looking for full-service consultative services or a do it yourself approach, we have the option for you. Visit our Solutions page to learn more about each one.

2. We are here for you, first and foremost

Even with a technology focus, we understand the importance of having accountable team members available to meet your unique needs. Our goal is to go beyond being just a vendor and be your partner in unemployment insurance. Customer service will always rank higher to us than growth and revenue.

3. You’ll win more with us

A normal employer contesting an unemployment insurance benefit claim will win about 50% of the protests they file. For comparison, we’ve won more than 90% of the ones we’ve filed for our clients. The proof is in the results.

4. We’re experienced professionals

We’ve been doing this since 2012 and bring more than 60 years of experience to the table. Together, our combined expertise helps us create no-hassle customer service and solutions that lead to real results for you.

5. We stay on top of the law changes

When you’re handling UI on your own, you have to factor in everything else associated beyond just the claims that come in. With your annual rate to consider and changes in tax law, you want the people on your side who know and keep up with that information.

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