Benefits of Using Video Evidence in Unemployment Hearings

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then a video can be worth thousands of saved dollars, at least when it comes to unemployment insurance. Video technology has evolved over the years, serving as a valuable tool for surveillance and monitoring. While it provides real-time support, it can also assist in situations down the line, including unemployment insurance hearings.

Without video, a hearing for unemployment insurance can evolve into employer says, former employee says, leaving it up to those hearing the case to decide. Both sides are arguing their story based on their interpretation without an unbiased source to show the full truth. That’s where video evidence can be a game-changing benefit for employers in an unemployment hearing.

See the Truth for Yourself

After an employee is dismissed, they may submit a claim for unemployment insurance. It will be sent to you to approve or deny and from there, they can appeal. Your decision is based on the reason for the employee’s dismissal. If it was no fault of their own, they could collect benefits. If not, they aren’t entitled to support.

If a claim comes in because the employee believes they weren’t at fault, video provides another level of assurance. If you have video surveillance set up, it should be reviewed prior to dismissal in case it could further elaborate on what happened. After receiving the claim, you should certainly review to make sure your decision was correct, and you don’t owe them UI.

Share the True Version When Necessary

When you deny a claim, and they appeal, you have the definitive proof to support your reason for dismissal. No matter what they claim, if you can support your decision based on actual footage, you will win.

Unlike witnesses, claimants, or employer testimonies, a video is an unbiased look at what happened. Motivations and thought processes can be applied or assumed, but the actual actions are typically irrefutable. When possible, have video evidence to present at an unemployment insurance hearing to save yourself money in paid claims.

Find Additional Ways to Save with Unemployment Tracker

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