3 Vital Reasons to Focus on Employee Retention

No company will tell you their goal is to only focus on finding new employees, but too often that’s exactly the case. A current team is neglected on all fronts leading to disgruntled feelings and a desire to leave. Maintaining the balance between recruitment and retention is essential to ensuring you always have exactly the team you need. Here are three crucial reasons to keep your focus on employee retention. Read more

Your Small Business Guide to Unemployment Insurance

There are many misconceptions around unemployment insurance, especially as it relates to small businesses. Instead of believing what you assume are the actual facts, check out the answers below to take control of your unemployment claims. Read more

4 Reasons to Outsource Your UI Claims Management

Dealing with unemployment insurance may be a regular part of your job, but not one you necessarily have time to do. You know that it’s a complex world with ever-changing laws, but your company doesn’t have anyone else. Instead of getting trapped in unemployment, we have another suggestion – outsource your UI claims management. Read more

3 Ways to Lower Your Small Business Unemployment Costs

Keeping costs low is always a goal at your small business. Since you don’t want to cut corners or enter any illegal practices, you’re looking for cost-cutting solutions that are all above board. Knowing that billions are overpaid in unemployment insurance claims every year, it might be time to consider UI. Read more

Everything You Need to Know about Unemployment Tracker 2.0

Our goal at Unemployment Tracker is to help you manage and your unemployment insurance claims and reduce your overall costs. Because it’s our job to understand the complicated world of UI, we want to make it simple and cost-effective for you. As a result, we’re always improving our products to deliver the best user experience. Read more

5 Reasons Business Should Focus on Offboarding As Much as Onboarding

Recently more companies are improving their onboarding experience to help set up their new employees up for success. Research supports this push because people who enter without a good experience won’t work as hard, be as satisfied, and be more likely to leave. With so much focus on bringing a new employee, you must ask, why don’t we put as much effort into an employee leaving? Read more