Why Retailers Should Focus on Their Unemployment Insurance Claims

When you think about unemployment insurance, it’s easy to associate it with jobs more likely to experience layoffs, like manufacturing and construction. More frequently they’ll face situations where employees are let go at no fault of their own, meaning UI claims are applicable. As a result, you might think you don’t need to pay attention to your own industry. Read more

“What to Do If Former Employee Files for Unemployment”

Losing a member of your team always has implications no matter the reason they’re gone. While you can count on needing to restructure to ensure all their responsibilities are being taken care of, you might not know when to expect a former employee to file for unemployment insurance.

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“3 Ways To Prevent Unprofessional Conduct In Your Workplace”

Unprofessional conduct can plague a workplace. Whether it’s unethical, offensive or downright illegal, it can crop up at any time leaving issues in its wake. Instead of a reactive approach, consider these three proactive suggestions to keep conduct professional.

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“How Does Bank Reconciliation Work?”

Bank reconciliation is one of the most important ways to monitor your finances and make sure your internal and external records match. It’s a process that can be done daily, weekly, monthly or another period of time that works for your business.

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“5 Ways to Reduce Your UI Tax Rate”

Being concerned about your unemployment tax rate shouldn’t wait until tax season rolls around. Failing to anticipate changes could lead to budgetary surprises, meaning you’re left scrambling. Because UI is one of the highest employer taxes, many companies consider it a cost of doing business and don’t think they have control.

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“What Happens During an Unemployment Insurance Hearing?”

If you decide to contest an unemployment insurance claim, one of two results will happen. The benefits will either be approved or denied by a state board and both parties accept the outcome, or the decision is made but either you or the former employee decide to appeal. When this happens, an unemployment insurance hearing will be scheduled.

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