Top Challenges Human Resources Faced in 2019

Every year brings new challenges for human resources professionals. Changing laws and technologies all ripple into their department and become new policies to implement at their company. Here a few of the top challenges HR faced in 2019. Read more

Is there a Difference Between Job Abandonment and No Call/No Show When Dealing with Unemployment Insurance?

On the surface, job abandonment and no call/no show sound like you’re discussing the same thing. Ultimately, the employee stopped coming to work. As close as they may sound, they have different implications when it comes to unemployment insurance. Let’s start by defining each topic. Read more

5 Benefits of Utilizing Unemployment Tracker

Have you considered getting help with unemployment insurance claims? You know the struggle of trying to balance your regular responsibilities with the added work of UI. Currently, you’re doing your best to monitor all the claims that come through and respond appropriately, but sometimes it’s hard, and you worry about what you’re missing. Read more

Make Your Modern Workplace the Place to Work

As an employer, one of your goals should be to provide an excellent work environment for your employees. A workplace environment encompasses both the tangible and intangible, including your physical space, technological abilities, and company culture. Read more

Can Pictures and Videos Help You During Your Next Unemployment Insurance Hearing?

The word hearing conjures up images of a courtroom with judges, attorneys, and a jury, but an unemployment hearing is more informal. Legal representation may be present along with officials from the unemployment office. The goal is to review the claim and allow the responsible party, either employee or employer, show their burden of proof.   Read more

Step-By-Step Process to Dealing with Unemployment Imposter Claims

There are always people out there trying to scam systems to get money, and unemployment claims are not exempt. While some employees file fraudulent claims where they aren’t providing all the details in an attempt to receive benefits, there’s another illegal action that can plague employers when it comes to UI.    Read more