“The Employee Handbook – Your Key to UI Cost Control”

Frustrated at losing your Unemployment Protests, so are most employers across the U.S. – who only win about half of the protests that they file with the various State UI Agencies. Why do employers lose so many protests? Well, there are a number of reasons for it, including poor claims management, lack of specific unemployment […]

“Unemployment 101”

Every year employers across the country pay billions of dollars in unemployment insurance (UI) taxes. Many of those employers simply pay their taxes without ever considering that these costs are manageable and can be reduced through better claims management and HR practices. In almost every case, with a few changes to the way an employer […]

“Keys to an Effective Unemployment Cost Management Program”

In reading the news around the United States these days, one would assume that the economy is in full recovery and unemployment numbers are down – so employers should be seeing significant reductions in their unemployment costs – you would think, right? Wrong, for many employers, this is not the case – in fact, their […]

“Well – It’s Unemployment Tax Rate Time Again. Now What?”

Well, its that time of year again – when employers across the country get their UI Tax Rate notices and promptly go into “Sticker Shock” looking at the increased rate (and increased costs). Getting your tax rate notice is a bit like getting a root canal – you can’t avoid it and it is extremely […]

“Effective Employee Documentation and Winning UI Protests”

For many employers (most actually), protesting unemployment claims that should not be paid (based on the separation reason) is a source of frustration and seems to be a study in futility – after all, the average employer only wins about half the time. Some employers get so frustrated with the process and with losing that […]

“The Keys to Reducing Your UI Tax Rate”

Well, it is getting close to tax time for most businesses and Americans – it is also getting close to the time when most companies receive their new (2015) unemployment tax rate notice. Many companies will then suffer through something that I like to call “UI tax rate sticker shock” – their new tax rate […]