“Protests – the Key to Controlling Your Unemployment Costs”

Of all the ways to control your Unemployment Insurance (UI) costs, none are more critical than winning the majority of your protests to the UI Agency. I have spoken to numerous employers who win less than 50 percent of the claims they protest (and a few even have confided that they seldom win). Why are […]

“Winning UI Protests – The Key to Controlling Your Costs”

Because, for most employers, unemployment taxes are a high cost item – often reaching tens or hundreds of thousands, and in some cases, millions of dollars, it is critical to protest improper claims – and win! However, winning UI protests is not as easy at it sounds – the average employer wins about 50 percent […]

“Hearing Ettiquette”

Unemployment Insurance (UI) hearings can often be a confusing and intimidating for employers. Essentially it is a mini courtroom trial either held in person or by telephone. Either way, it can be a serious headache for employers who enter unprepared – an unprepared employers usually lose. The following tips on UI hearings can make the […]