“Can a Background Check Help You Win Unemployment Claims?”

After you receive notice a former employee has filed for unemployment benefits, you have to decide whether you want to contest the case. Depending on the specific circumstances of the employee leaving, you might want extra documentation to help boost your case. Background checks can help you win unemployment claims.

Screen everyone

In general, it’s a good practice to make sure all your employees pass a background check before bringing them on board. Not only does this help weed out any potential bad seeds, you have a record of your employees past behavior should you ever need it.

Running a background check helps with your company’s liability and ensures the safety of everyone working. Even more, it will give you credit as a reputable employer because you check all your employees.

Using as supporting evidence

When trying to prove you aren’t required to pay UI benefits based on the former employees’ performance, having their background check could support your case, especially if part of your screening involved talking to former employers. You can show a pattern of behavior that backs up your own documentation about any incidents.

Check out social media

Using social media evidence can show information right from the source’s mouth, but you have to be careful. There are many legal pitfalls you can stumble into when trying to look into your employee online. When hiring, you can look through their public posts to get a feel for them as a candidate, but you can’t require them to add you as a friend or release any of their passwords to access their accounts.

The same goes for a UI claim. You might be able to look at their accounts and find evidence of a confession about what happened or anything that can boost your case, but you cannot do anything illegal to obtain this information, even if you have a strong suspicion.

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