Top Programs to Help Businesses During COVID-19

As we continue to weather the COVID-19 pandemic, the disruptions to our businesses and economy keep expanding. Even with states beginning to reopen, capacities are limited, so while it’s a good step, it still isn’t business as usual. As a result, the risk of economic hardship for small businesses continues to increase. Read more

How to Best Manage a Fully Remote Team

Working remotely used to be a topic to discuss to give your team greater work-life balance, with more companies moving in that direction, but it still wasn’t widely adopted. That is, it wasn’t until COVID-19 changed everything and forced all companies that could move to working from home. As a result, many employers found themselves in unfamiliar territory and trying to manage a team from a distance. If you’re in the same position, here are tips on how to best manage a fully remote team. Read more

Unemployment vs. Furlough: What’s the Better for My Business?

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, you’re likely hearing more reports of companies facing firings, furloughs, layoffs, and even complete closure. There are reports of these announcements being made a number of ways to employees, whether it’s over a video call, social media, email, or a quick phone call. It’s a time of uncertainty, with many wondering whether or not they will still be employed when this is all over. Read more

7 Top Challenges HR is Facing This Year

Human resources face many challenges, and this year is no exception. Not only do they balance their current workload in managing an entire staff, but they also have to be aware of coming trends and adjustments that need to happen in the workplace. Here are seven of the top challenges HR will face in 2020. Read more

Retaining Employees from Onboarding to Offboarding

One of your goals in your company is probably keeping employee turnover low. Not only is it costly in the moment because of the time and training necessary for a new hire, but you also know high turnover rates can mean increased unemployment insurance costs. You want to save money and have loyal, satisfied employees on your team. Try these four steps for retaining employees from onboarding to offboarding. Read more

How to Prepare for Disciplinary Action or Termination

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in business – disciplining or firing an employee presents its challenges. You might get more comfortable with it in general, but it doesn’t eliminate the stress that can come with knowing you have to deliver bad news. Plus, there’s the added level of pressure on the situation related to potential lawsuits from the employee. Because of this, it’s important to go into that meeting prepared. Here’s what you need to do. Read more

“Progressive Discipline Policies and UI protests – they can make or break your success.”

Being an effective manager is one of the hardest jobs in the world because now you have to pay attention to individual performance and take action when necessary. However, there is a right way and a wrong way when launching disciplinary action against an individual. As a manager, one needs to be cognizant that proper procedures are in place when “writing someone up” so that it minimizes the risk of the employee coming back and protesting.

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“Why PEOs Work with Clients to Ensure That They Have the Right Practices and Policies in Place”

There is a lot going on within the inner workings of a company from managing its inventory to finances, operations and so much more. One of the major segments in managing a business is undoubtedly its employee relations. While a company usually has a robust human resources department, it can be a lot of work staying up on all of the latest employee trends and labor regulations.

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“Managing Unemployment Claims for Holiday Seasonal Workers”

The holiday season is almost here: Retailers and other holiday related industries will be ramping up and adding seasonal workers to supplement the extra workload.

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“Unemployment Do’s and Don’ts for Staffing Companies”

These days staffing needs are so prominent that there’s an entire industry built around it. As a professional in the staffing industry, it is your job to assist in placing qualified and skilled candidates into positions that benefit both the company and the employee.

The candidates you find are ready to work and willing to accept jobs offered to them, but recruiters must also realize that there are some that are collecting unemployment benefits that are not following Unemployment Insurance (UI) requirements. Not being aware of this can hurt your staffing agency’s bottom line, so it’s important to understand the do’s and don’ts for your staffing company regarding unemployment. These staffing company tips for unemployment can help you reduce your costs and possibly lead to increased revenues for everyone. Read more