“Unemployment Do’s and Don’ts for Staffing Companies”

These days staffing needs are so prominent that there’s an entire industry built around it. As a professional in the staffing industry, it is your job to assist in placing qualified and skilled candidates into positions that benefit both the company and the employee.

The candidates you find are ready to work and willing to accept jobs offered to them, but recruiters must also realize that there are some that are collecting unemployment benefits that are not following Unemployment Insurance (UI) requirements. Not being aware of this can hurt your staffing agency’s bottom line, so it’s important to understand the do’s and don’ts for your staffing company regarding unemployment. These staffing company tips for unemployment can help you reduce your costs and possibly lead to increased revenues for everyone. Read more

“Spring Clean Your Space: 4 Tips for Organizing Your Office”

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“9 Ways UI Management Software Makes Your Life Easier”

Managing unemployment insurance claims is no easy feat. It’s time-consuming and complicated. You wear a lot of hats and with so many responsibilities, the last thing you have time for is navigating the complex world of unemployment insurance.

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“4 Ways HR Managers Can Increase Productivity in 2016”

We all know the feeling. You walk into the office Monday morning determined to conquer that ever-growing to-do list. Six cups of coffee later, you leave feeling defeated because you have even more on your plate than when you started the day. Can you relate?

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