“The Employee Handbook – Your Ally in Controlling UI Costs”

Frustrated at losing Unemployment Protests? So are most employers across the U.S. On average US employers only win about half of the UI protests that they file. Why do employers lose so many protests? Well, there are a number of reasons for it, but one of the biggest reasons that employers lose unemployment protests is that their handbooks do nothing to help them.

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“What Employers Need to Know About Michigan Unemployment Insurance”

While all states are required to follow certain federal laws, they also set their own laws and regulations on many issues. Unemployment tax rates fall under state regulation, so each state’s rates vary for employers across the country.

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“Which States Have the Lowest Maximum Weekly Unemployment Insurance Benefit”

As a business owner, one of the most important ongoing cost considerations is unemployment insurance benefits for your employees. If possible, you want to be in a situation where you’re paying the lowest weekly maximum benefit to minimize cost.

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“Information About Alabama Unemployment Insurance”

In the United States, every state sets its unemployment insurance rates specific to factors like how many citizens of that state are unemployed, the set taxable wage base and other factors. Within each state, different employers may be paying different unemployment insurance rates based on how well they track unemployment claims and win protests.

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“What does each employee cost you each year in Unemployment Insurance (UI) taxes?”

Unemployment costs have grown rapidly, increasing by more than 80 percent in the last decade alone. To help lower your costs and keep them under control, you need to understand all the aspects of unemployment insurance (UI) tax rates.

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“Unemployment Tracker Software Explained”

Did you know that the amount of Unemployment Overpayments totalled $14 Billon last year? It’s true… and $14 Billion is equal to the entire GDP of a small country like Jamaica.

Unemployment Insurance can be a confusing and time consuming process tomanage effectively. At Unemployment Tracker, we have created a web based software solution designed to make the process less confusing and much more efficient and effective. In order to better explain how, we decided that we would create a brief video to simplify our message and show in a very visual manner both the problems for employers in regard to Unemployment Management and how we can help. Take a look and then visit us on the web at www.unemploymenttracker.com to find out more.

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“Best Claims Management Practices to Reduce UI Tax Rates”

Whether you are a small single-state or a large multi-state employer, one thing is for sure, managing unemployment insurance (UI) is complex. At the beginning of each year employers receive their UI tax rate letters from state unemployment insurance (SUI) agencies, which dictates the UI tax rate the employer must pay for the upcoming fiscal year. Maybe you recognize the importance of this letter and have an existing audit process in place to scrutinize the tax rate calculation. However, if you are simply “filing it” then I encourage you to keep reading because unlike many other business taxes you can help control UI costs through improved administrative practices.

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“Tax Season Doesn’t End in April for UI Managers”

While many are putting the finishing touches on filing personal and corporate taxes, unemployment insurance managers have been working on their UI tax rates all year long. Read more

“Knowledge Is Power: How To Lower Your UI Tax Rate”

One of the biggest headaches for employers is their unemployment insurance tax rate. As tax rates continue to climb, employers are left with more questions than answers. When you’re short on time Read more

“Avoid Sticker Shock: Break the Cycle of Rising Unemployment Costs”

‘Tis the season for unexpected surprises. A gift on your doorstep, a holiday greeting in the mail – and the dreaded UI tax rate notice. Bet you didn’t get the same warm and fuzzy feeling with that last ‘gift’. Your UI tax rate increased. Your unemployment insurance costs are higher. Now what?

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