Unemployment Tracker is Fully Integrated with UI Sides. What Does This Mean?

It’s 2020, which means technology that makes life easier is key. The constant evolution continues to connect systems and lead to faster, more effective results. We know it’s a top priority for our clients and their busy schedules, which is why we’re excited to announce we are fully integrated with UI SIDES! Read more

What Does the Unemployment Compensation Process Look Like

The steps leading up to an unemployment insurance claim are pretty obvious – an employee is let go for one reason or another. After that, there are several steps that both employee and employer must go through. Read more

Why the UI Integrity Act is So Important

Unless you have dedicated unemployment insurance staff, the work involved with claims and paperwork likely falls to human resources or another employee with an equally full plate. As a result, inaccuracies occur, deadlines are missed, and you realize that right now, UI isn’t being handled as well as you like, but what can you do? Read more

Are Employers Compensated During Fraudulent UI Claims

Unemployment insurance is no stranger to fraudulent claims, whether intentional or unintentional. In some cases, a claimant may not realize he or she didn’t follow the proper procedures that ultimately led them into a dishonest situation. While this does happen, more often, it is an intentional effort to get more money. Read more

5 Benefits of Hiring a TPA to Handle Unemployment Insurance Claims

Managing unemployment insurance claims is a part of running your business, but that doesn’t mean your team has the time. The UI process isn’t a ‘one and done’ situation, meaning frequent follow-up and monitoring are required to keep your costs down.

Knowing your team is tied up, what other options do you have? Fortunately, you don’t have the settle for base-level UI claims management. The option of using a TPA, or third-party administration, comes with many benefits for your company. Here are five to consider. Read more

5 Benefits of Utilizing Unemployment Tracker

Have you considered getting help with unemployment insurance claims? You know the struggle of trying to balance your regular responsibilities with the added work of UI. Currently, you’re doing your best to monitor all the claims that come through and respond appropriately, but sometimes it’s hard, and you worry about what you’re missing. Read more

How Much Money Could I Save Using an Unemployment Insurance Software?

Sometimes it can feel like the costs associated with your business are out of your control. You know there are some areas where you can make a difference, but certain expenses are what they are. Too many business owners lump unemployment costs into the uncontrollable realm without understanding what can be done.   Read more

“Can a Background Check Help You Win Unemployment Claims?”

After you receive notice a former employee has filed for unemployment benefits, you have to decide whether you want to contest the case. Depending on the specific circumstances of the employee leaving, you might want extra documentation to help boost your case. Background checks can help you win unemployment claims.

Read more

Will Exit Interviews Actually Help Increase Employee Retention?

An employee who submits their notice of resignation may bring on feelings of disappointment around the office. If he or she is a top performer, you might be wondering why they want to leave. Instead of just moving on, begin conducting exit interviews to help increase employee retention.

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“Get to Know Our Products: Unemployment Tracker Software”

At Unemployment Tracker, we have a number of products designed to meet your UI needs. Each is designed to save you time and money to ensure efficiency when handling unemployment insurance claims. Our full range of solutions provide you the opportunities for a do-it-yourself or a full-service approach.

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