Can Pictures and Videos Help You During Your Next Unemployment Insurance Hearing?

The word hearing conjures up images of a courtroom with judges, attorneys, and a jury, but an unemployment hearing is more informal. Legal representation may be present along with officials from the unemployment office. The goal is to review the claim and allow the responsible party, either employee or employer, show their burden of proof.   Read more

The Most Common Questions About Unemployment Insurance

When it comes to unemployment insurance, you probably have a lot of questions. It’s a complicated world and many businesses don’t have the resources to dedicate a person fully to navigating its waters. To help you out, here are some of the most frequent questions we’re asked by current and prospective clients.    Read more

“4 Tips to Ensure Your Responses Won’t Violate the Unemployment Insurance Integrity Act”

4 Tips to Ensure Your Responses to State UI Information Requests Won’t Violate the UI Integrity Act

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“The Language of Unemployment”

The Language of Unemployment – Part One

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“What You Should Look For in an Unemployment Software”

What You Should Be Looking For In An Unemployment Software

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“Employer Handbooks Part 2: Helping Decrease Unemployment Insurance Costs”

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“Employer Handbooks Part 1: Protecting Your Company From Legal Actions”

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“Alaska Unemployment Insurance Information”

When it comes to unemployment insurance, every state in the US handles it differently (including Alaska and Hawaii). While the scenery, terrain, and wildlife are absolutely stunning in the 49th state, temperatures can be harsh in the wintertime, and most areas are fairly remote.

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