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Employment and Income Verification powered by EmpInfo

Make a difference in your employee's life

Whenever your employees apply for a loan/mortgage, credit card, auto loan, job, or public assistance, they are counting on you to provide proof of employment, income or both. Empinfo automates the employment verification process to help your employees in their life-changing events, while safeguarding privacy, and saving your time & money.

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How does the automation work?


Employee applies for auto/personal loan, mortgage/refinance, rent a home, government assistance or background Verification. Employee typically provides consent by signing the application to have their emplyment and income information verified.


Authenticated Verifiers login to empinfo.com and requests for employment and/or income information. Per FCRA compliance they disclose the “Permissible Purpose and provide/certify that they have the consent from the Employee to obtain the information.


Our system retrieves the employment and/or income data obtained from your HR/Payroll systems and securely shares with the verifier on your behalf. For income verification employee generates an “Authorization Code” and shares with the Verifier.

What value will it provide?

Faster approvals benefits Employee in securing the loan, buying/renting home or automobile, completing background check or getting government benefits, and also reducing unnecessary anxiety & stress.

It enables Verifiers to get the information quickly and accurately, 24x7x365. It leads to expedited decisions in processing Employee’s applications.

It alleviates the manual effort for Employers (HR/Payroll personnel) and mitigates the privacy risks associated in dealing with unknown third-party Verifiers. The service is offered at no-cost to Greenshades customers, saving time and enhancing Employee experience.

For more information email/call at:
sales@empinfo.com or (800) 274-9694, ext. 703