“Get to Know Our Products: Unemployment Tracker Software”

At Unemployment Tracker, we have a number of products designed to meet your UI needs. Each is designed to save you time and money to ensure efficiency when handling unemployment insurance claims. Our full range of solutions provide you the opportunities for a do-it-yourself or a full-service approach.

Unemployment Tracker Software

One such tool is the Unemployment Tracker Software. It’s an easy-to-use and cost-effective solution to help you manage your UI claims in-house. As a busy employer, you want a way to put your own expertise to use with the right tools to back you up.

The benefits of using Unemployment Tracker Software

More than just being easy to understand and a way to save money, Unemployment Tracker Software is a powerful and efficient tool. It helps you stay on top of claims without disrupting normal schedules at work or worrying about missing deadlines.

In fact, our research shows the labor you’ll need to manage your UI program will decrease by 50 percent, meaning your team can stay focused on their work. You’ll need less people to do a more thorough job. With this software, you will significantly reduce errors in your report and missed deadlines. As a result, you’ll increase credits to your state account by more than 30 percent and have a lower tax rate for your company.

Improve your performance today

Using Unemployment Tracker Software will ensure you’re hitting all your required deadlines to guarantee you aren’t overpaying claims or supporting claimants who aren’t eligible. Not only will it save you money on individual claims, you’ll see your tax rates decrease overtime as well.

Request a free live demo today

Don’t just take our word for it – request a free live demo of our Unemployment Tracker Software to see how it works. At Unemployment Tracker, we have everything you need to maximize your business and your bottom line. No matter what level of assistance and control you’re looking for, we have the solution for you.