“How Can Unemployment Tracker’s Enterprise Software Benefit You?”

You want to effectively manage your unemployment claims, but sometimes that’s easier said than done. You don’t have an employee solely devoted to them and missing a deadline isn’t unusual. You’re aware you might be paying more than you should, but you can’t think of a better alternative. Hiring someone is out of the question and you aren’t sure of a software where you don’t have control over your data.

Fortunately, we have your solution.

Unemployment Tracker’s Enterprise option

At Unemployment Tracker, we have several options to meet our client’s needs, no matter what they’re looking for. Our software is now available in an enterprise version, which gives you the option to house all your own data. We keep the software updated and everything belongs to you.

With this added bonus, it doesn’t lose any of the power and efficiency found in our other version. It connects with UI SIDES Web Services, so all your claims are integrated and updated. If you have your own software you’re using for your claims, we can even develop a way to integrate your system with ours so you can save more time and money.

Enterprise benefits you

The primary benefit you’ll receive is control. We give you the one-stop solution and you’re in charge of managing your UI costs. Unemployment Tracker Enterprise eliminates the need for spreadsheets and paper files because it does it all for you. Using it, you can track all claims, protests, hearings, credits, charges, tax rates, and more. Because UI laws and taxes evolve, this makes it easy to ensure you have the latest information.

To make it even easier for you, the software drop downs are customizable, meaning you can make it specific to your company and interests. You’ll receive reminders about deadlines and notifications to make sure you don’t miss a thing. Our detailed reports exist to help you catch overpayments and save you money.

If something happens and you need help, we’re available for you 24/7. When you need assistance, you have the support you need.

Request a live Unemployment Tracker demo

The next step is simple – request a live demo and see our product in action. During the demo, you’ll see how everything works and learn how Unemployment Tracker Enterprise can save you money and time.