How Long Does it Take to Implement a New Unemployment Claims Process?

What does the unemployment claims process look like at your company? Do you have set channels where everything goes through and a breakdown of who’s in charge? Perhaps your process is more of a loose system, and you wish you could do more.

Developing a UI Claims Process

Every organization, even if you don’t deal with unemployment frequently, should have a process in place for any claims that come in. This is imperative to make sure you aren’t overpaying or even paying to former employees who don’t qualify. If you’ve considered creating a plan, but never found the time, why not now?

Relatively speaking, the time involved is minimal compared to the headaches it could save you down the line when everything is running smoothly. There are many moving parts, and developing a system gives you insight into all of them and helps you manage UI better.

When thinking about your plan, you can approach it from a completely internal perspective or one using a third-party administrator or TPA.

Creating an Internal UI Process

One of the keys to success is minimizing employee involvement, meaning you don’t have several different people and departments trying to be a part of the process. This is how important documents and communications can get lost.

While it could be too much for one employee depending on your industry, you could elect a small group of individuals whose jobs are to monitor the claims that come in, appeal when necessary, and stay up to date on the evolving federal and state tax laws that set rates and guidelines.

Working with a TPA for Your UI Claims

Because of the work and knowledge involved with properly handling UI claims, many employers opt to partner with a TPA. This relationship means you have the support from experts in monitoring your claims, and your current workforce isn’t stretched to do additional roles.

For example, at Unemployment Tracker, we offer a full range of solutions to meet your needs, whatever they are. We understand that not every company is in the same position, and some need software, and others require a more robust consulting plan.

Our goal is to take our expertise and help you experience a higher level of control over your UI costs and unemployment paperwork. This means whatever assistance you need in your process, we can provide. Plus, it’s our job to know all the laws, so you don’t have to!

Sound interesting? Request a live demo from Unemployment Tracker today to learn more about our solutions and see our fully customizable software.