5 Reasons Business Should Focus on Offboarding As Much as Onboarding

Recently more companies are improving their onboarding experience to help set up their new employees up for success. Research supports this push because people who enter without a good experience won’t work as hard, be as satisfied, and be more likely to leave. With so much focus on bringing a new employee, you must ask, why don’t we put as much effort into an employee leaving?

Instead of a planned process, offboarding an employee is usually a flurry of panicked moving in an attempt to get as much squared away as possible before they’re gone. You may think it doesn’t matter because they’re leaving, but here are five reasons you should focus on offboarding as much as onboarding.

1. Keep the Door Open and Welcoming

An employee leaving doesn’t mean they won’t ever come back. Depending on why they left, a planned and pleasant offboarding experience can keep the door open so they harbor goodwill toward your organization and are willing to consider it in the future.

2. Obtain Valuable Feedback

If you’re only focused on the transition and wrapping up what needs to be done, you could miss a great opportunity for an exit interview. When you take the time to do it well and make it a part of the offboarding process, you can learn more about their experiences at your company as well as what didn’t work and their suggestions. From this, you can keep improving your own processes.

3. Maintain the Relationship

A successful offboarding process means you’ve kept the relationship on good terms and even if they aren’t going to come back and work for you, their skills could still be used on a consulting basis. Just because they’re doing something else doesn’t mean they won’t have the capacity to help you but, shooing them away quickly won’t make them inclined to lend a hand.

4. Limit the Risk of Negative Reviews

It’s incredibly easy to share your experiences about anything online, so if a former employee has a bad time in offboarding, the better your chances are that they take to the forums to share their thoughts. This means others will read and not want to work for you.

5. Attract New Talent

Conversely, when you focus on the offboarding process, a former employee can serve as an ambassador to people they encounter and promote working for your company. Instead of an enemy, you have an ally among job seekers.

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