This ONE THING Can Help You Manage Unemployment Plans Quicker

What if we told you there was a solution to help you better manage your unemployment plans quicker? If you’ve never had help from a third-party administrator or TPA, you may find yourself thinking it isn’t possible. To those with that mindset, we have good news for you. Partnering with Unemployment Tracker is the ONE THING that can help you manage your unemployment claims more efficiently and actually save you money. Here’s how.

We Have a Full Range of Solutions to Meet Your Needs

We know not everyone faces the same UI challenges, which is why we offer fully customizable solutions for your specific concerns, whatever they are. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to do it yourself with our software or seeking a full-service consultation, we can help you. From co-managed unemployment solutions to our enterprise software to our ability to integrate with UI SIDES, we have what you need to succeed.

We Can Give You More Control 

Better tracking means you have a better handle on your UI claims. Instead of scrambling to make deadlines, we can help organize the process, so you never miss an appeal or hearing again. Beyond control over paperwork, we can even help you control costs.

We Help You Have Control Over Your Costs

It’s true that there are federal and state tax rates that cannot be controlled, but your unemployment tax rate is in your hands. The more claims you pay each year, and the higher amounts that you pay results in the UI fund, believing you need more for the following year, which will increase the rate and essentially cost you more. By understanding the process and avoiding overpayments, you can keep that rate as low as possible.

We Help to Lower Overpayments

The result of all of this is you can escape the trap of overpayments. Every year, companies in the United States will overpay their unemployment benefits by $3 billion. That is no small amount, meaning you want to do everything you can to get on top of your payments. Better tracking means less money being paid where it shouldn’t, which ultimately means more for your bottom line.

Request a Live Demo Today to See Yourself 

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