Retaining Employees from Onboarding to Offboarding

One of your goals in your company is probably keeping employee turnover low. Not only is it costly in the moment because of the time and training necessary for a new hire, but you also know high turnover rates can mean increased unemployment insurance costs. You want to save money and have loyal, satisfied employees on your team. Try these four steps for retaining employees from onboarding to offboarding.

1. Create an Onboarding Team

Onboarding a new employee is not limited to the department where they will be working, so developing a strategy that isn’t cross-departmental is unwise. Pull together a team from across your organization, including IT and HR, to make the decisions. This way, when it’s time to develop a process, you have all the right people in the room.

2. Establish a Process

Now that you have your cross-departmental team, it’s time to decide what your onboarding process looks like. This can contain any number of steps, including IT needs such as keys, phones, and computers, to first-day orientation meetings with staff.

Developing the process now means you have the checklist to go through when a new hire accepts an offer. Instead of scrambling to make sure all the things you need are ready, you have the plan you need to not only keep yourself organized but give the employee an amazing first day.

3. Continue Engagement

The onboarding process is critical, but if you put all the effort into the beginning and never follow up again. Your employees’ first days should set the standard for the type of employer you are, meaning you stay involved and check-in to see how they are doing. This does not, however, mean you micromanage. The goal is to keep up with them and establish a relationship. Through building trust, your employees will be more loyal.

4. Don’t Neglect Offboarding

Even though offboarding means an employee is leaving doesn’t mean you don’t have the ability to promote retention with your other team members. How you handle someone leaving speaks volumes to your staff.

Begin with a proper goodbye, at least via email. Staff will hear rumors, and it’s better to get ahead of the gossip no matter the situation. Treat them kindly throughout their final days and follow a similar checklist to make sure all the right offboarding steps are taken, like changing access information, collecting equipment, and conducting an exit interview.

Get the Help You Need When Turnover Occurs

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