Significant Employment Statistics (August 2021)

At Unemployment Tracker, this report is highly intriguing to us, as it provides important insight into the job market on a consistent basis.  

In this month’s report, August 2021, the total nonfarm payroll employment rose by 235,000, short of all forecasts, and the unemployment rate dropped from 5.4 percent in July to 5.2 percent in August.   The number of unemployed people lowered from 8.7 million to 8.4 million Americans, following a large decrease from July.   

In August, Employment in  professional and business services increased 74,000.  Transportation and Warehouse added 53,000 jobs in August slightly above (+22,000) the industry’s  pre-pandemic jobs level in February 2020.  Hospitality and leisure was unchanged and Retail declined 29,000 in August.

Among the unemployed, the number of job leavers—that is, unemployed persons who quit or voluntarily left their previous job and began looking for new employment—decreased by 12,000 to 930,000 in July, still considerably higher than May 2021 at 778,000.

4,468,000 individuals filed a new unemployment claim which continues to trend down from June and July.   Of all new unemployment claims 822,000 left their jobs voluntarily.

Aug 2021

Here are some job gains and losses by industry we felt are important.

  • –  8,000 jobs in local government education
  • – 29,000 in retail trade

To see the full report click here: August Employment Situation Report

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