“Spring Clean Your Space: 4 Tips for Organizing Your Office”

Take a look around. Is your desk swamped with sticky notes or plagued with paperwork? Maybe the start of a new season is the nudge you need to spring clean your space.

If you’re not into the aesthetic, the added bonus of increased productivity might motivate you. Research shows 77% of Americans claim clutter damages their productivity. Shocking, we know.

Spruce up your workspace and boost efficiency with these tips:

Clean Up Your Inbox

Nothing is more stressful than an inbox that’s out of control. Only keep an email in your inbox if you need to act on it or follow up with someone on it. Move the rest to folders. As you’re weeding through, take notice of promotional emails you are no longer interested in and unsubscribe from them.

Declutter Your Desktop

Similar to your inbox, a desktop full of files can be overwhelming. Create folders for projects or clients you are working on and don’t be afraid of the recycle bin. If you know you’re not going to need it again, trash it. Free up some space on your screen by moving frequently used shortcuts to the dock or menu.

Get In Touch With Your Green Thumb

While spring cleaning is about throwing out the old, it’s also about welcoming in the new. Add some life to your desk by investing in a plant. Look for one that doesn’t require daily watering or need direct sunlight, especially if your desk isn’t near a window.

Get Rid of File Piles

Throw out anything that’s already saved to your computer or stored in the cloud. Unemployment Tracker allows you to import unemployment insurance claims and charges electronically. Avoid the piles in the first place by addressing paperwork as soon as it lands on your desk. Setting things aside and vowing to do them later can often be the culprit of a cluttered space.

Learn more about how Unemployment Tracker keeps bulky spreadsheets and files off of your desk. Contact us today.

What are your best tips for organizing the office? Tell us in the comments below.