How UI SIDES Can Help You Meet Unemployment Deadlines

Working through unemployment insurance claims can feel like a never-ending onslaught of acronyms that you don’t understand. From FUTA, SUTA, to all of the new policies in the CARES Act, it can be overwhelming to keep track of what everything stands for. Along these lines, you’ve likely heard the term ‘UI SIDES’ before. What does it even mean, and how can it help me? Read more

State Unemployment Law Updates

While national unemployment rates are set by FUTA, or the Federal Unemployment Tax Act, each state has its own interpretations. SUTA, or the State Unemployment Tax Act, mandates certain requirements with each state setting distinct parameters. Keeping track can be challenging, so check your local state site for the latest updates. You can find your taxable wage bases and the calculation for your tax rates at this link to the DOL site for the 2019 unemployment law updates. Read more