This ONE THING Can Help You Manage Unemployment Plans Quicker

What if we told you there was a solution to help you better manage your unemployment plans quicker? If you’ve never had help from a third-party administrator or TPA, you may find yourself thinking it isn’t possible. To those with that mindset, we have good news for you. Partnering with Unemployment Tracker is the ONE THING that can help you manage your unemployment claims more efficiently and actually save you money. Here’s how. Read more

How UI SIDES Can Help You Meet Unemployment Deadlines

Working through unemployment insurance claims can feel like a never-ending onslaught of acronyms that you don’t understand. From FUTA, SUTA, to all of the new policies in the CARES Act, it can be overwhelming to keep track of what everything stands for. Along these lines, you’ve likely heard the term ‘UI SIDES’ before. What does it even mean, and how can it help me? Read more

Are Employers Compensated During Fraudulent UI Claims

Unemployment insurance is no stranger to fraudulent claims, whether intentional or unintentional. In some cases, a claimant may not realize he or she didn’t follow the proper procedures that ultimately led them into a dishonest situation. While this does happen, more often, it is an intentional effort to get more money. Read more

What Type of Work Does an Unemployment Claim Entail?

Unemployment claims can come at any time after an employee is no longer with your company. While there are specific qualifications that enable them to receive unemployment insurance, anyone can file. The process employer requires diligence and careful attention.  Read more

5 Reasons Business Should Focus on Offboarding As Much as Onboarding

Recently more companies are improving their onboarding experience to help set up their new employees up for success. Research supports this push because people who enter without a good experience won’t work as hard, be as satisfied, and be more likely to leave. With so much focus on bringing a new employee, you must ask, why don’t we put as much effort into an employee leaving? Read more

Why Retailers Should Focus on Their Unemployment Insurance Claims

When you think about unemployment insurance, it’s easy to associate it with jobs more likely to experience layoffs, like manufacturing and construction. More frequently they’ll face situations where employees are let go at no fault of their own, meaning UI claims are applicable. As a result, you might think you don’t need to pay attention to your own industry. Read more