The Most Important Unemployment Insurance Forms for Companies

When navigating unemployment claims, there are many forms for your company to sort through. Trying to discern the most important can be challenging, leading you to miss crucial information or deadlines. Instead of leaving it to chance, remember the following pieces of paperwork.

UI Tax Rate Notice

At the end of every calendar year, your state will send your UI tax rate notice referring to your tax rate for the next year. It determines your total contribution by applying a percentage to taxable wages. Additionally, it will let you know the factors that went into calculating your rate, which in turn becomes an unemployment claims management performance indicator for you. The better your rate, the better you handled your unemployment claims.

Initial Notice of Claim

After a former employee files a claim, you will receive the initial notice stating general information as well as why he or she is filing. Because of this, it becomes your first and best opportunity to disqualify claimants and prevent charges against your UI account. Make sure you review and follow up with a timely response.


When the initial notice is sent, and an employer has had time to respond, a letter of determination is sent informing the claimant and company about the unemployment insurance decision. If the former employee is approved, your UI account will be charged. If your response to refute the claim was received in a timely manner and accepted, the claim will be denied.

Benefit Charge Statements

This allows you to see all the charges against your unemployment insurance account and monitor for any overcharges. It’s important to pay attention to make sure you aren’t paying more than necessary or longer than required, based on the claimant’s status.

Employer Responsiveness Letter

If you are deemed non-responsive to agencies, there are penalties that may be applied against your company and account. The frequency varies by state, but it can be sent annually, after a specific threshold is reached, or presented after individual penalties.

Experience a higher level of control over your unemployment paperwork

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