Top Challenges Human Resources Faced in 2019

Every year brings new challenges for human resources professionals. Changing laws and technologies all ripple into their department and become new policies to implement at their company. Here a few of the top challenges HR faced in 2019.

Drug use

The opioid crisis is a real thing, and employers aren’t immune, so more rules about drug testing needed to be considered to ensure a drug-free workplace. Beyond these addictions comes the question of marijuana use. If you’re drug testing, how do you make the call about whether or not you take corrective action against an employee found with it in their system?

More and more states are legalizing, some for recreational, some for medical, and some for both. Because of this, it’s no longer the legal issue it used to be, depending on where you’re located and where the employee traveled.

Inclusive environments

When thinking about diversity, the top ones considered are usually race, gender, and national origin. In reality, it includes a number of options like educational background, work experience, upbringing, marital status, orientation, identification, and more. Plus, the laws aren’t meant only to hire diverse individuals, but help them thrive in a workplace that’s inclusive and tolerant.

From building a team like this to maintaining a tolerant atmosphere in the office is no easy feat and one that HR must continually navigate.

Issues with technology

Whether it’s a server crashing in the real world or a security breach online, modern technology brings its own share of issues. Storing everything on the cloud is incredibly handy but can be trouble if sensitive documents find their way into the eye of the general public.

Selecting the right benefits

The way companies attract talent is changing, and the benefits that worked in the past don’t cut it anymore. With a large span of generations in the workforce, HR must balance what each wants and select the options that are relevant to the intended audiences — all without alienating certain generations.

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