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Unemployment Tracker’s solutions are integrated with the Unemployment Insurance State Information Data Exchange (UI SIDES), giving you greater control over your unemployment insurance claims. Our solutions ensure you’re on top of everything related to UI claims, and you have every resource to reduce costs.

UI SIDES Explained

Unemployment Insurance UI SIDES is a web based system that allows electronic transmission of information request from UI Agencies to employers and Third-Party Administrators (TPA’s) and transmission of replies containing the requested information back to the UI agencies.

UI SIDES tool streamlines electronic communication between a state’s unemployment insurance agency and third-party administrators or employers. Before UI SIDES was established, employers and third-party administrators had to fill out more than 50 forms, which required the same pieces of information. It was needlessly time-consuming and used up a lot of resources. Moreover, the process suffered delays due to incomplete or late requests. Overpayments were also a common issue, and it was difficult to assess UI eligibility.

Through UI SIDES, these problems were largely resolved. It facilitates quick and effective communication between employees, employers, state agents, and third-party administrators. The online system speeds up and simplifies the process. It’s easier to track claims and payments to former employees, even if you handle numerous UI claims.

Large employers and third-party administrators have the option to integrate UI SIDES into their software for greater efficiency.

Unemployment Insurance Integrity Act

The Importance of Compliance

The Unemployment Insurance Integrity Act pushes the weight of unemployment insurance integrity onto the employer and the States will enforce penalties and fines upon employers when they deem an employer to have a pattern of failure.

In Short, Employers are required to respond to all claims in order to not only remain in compliance with new state regulations, but now to avoid real financial repercussions as well.

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Integration with

Unemployment Tracker

Unemployment Tracker has been working with UI SIDES to streamline our own UI claims management. We receive prompt responses, reduce paperwork, get timely receipts, and more.
Recognizing its value to employers, we’ve broken ground for the UI SIDES Benefit Charges Exchange, which further simplifies insurance processes.

Because we have UI SIDES, our clients enjoy even greater control over their UI claims. There’s an extra layer of security against overpayment, and you may keep costs to an absolute minimum. The software you use is in sync with the UI SIDES platform.

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