unemployment tracker consulting


The Unemployment Tracker Team can help you with your Unemployment Claims and Cost Management in a variety of consulting projects

Training Unemployment

We can help train your internal team to manage your unemployment claims inhouse including best practices all the way down to state specific


WE can review your responses and appeals, help you with arguments and closing statements…

  • Ensure documentation to the state concerning appeals and hearings are submitted timely in order to protect the employer’s status.
  • Personally coach hearing employer witnesses and provide preparation summaries for optimum results.
  • We use our proven experience during hearings to assist the employer witnesses with procedure questioning and closing statements.
  • Our expertise at handling the details and preparation saves you time and gives employer witnesses more confidence during hearings.

Co-Managed Unemployment Solutions

Not sure how to get started managing your UI program in house? Unemployment Tracker Complete offers a co-managed solution for employers seeking to have greater control over their unemployment claims process while maintaining the independence of an in-house program.