Unemployment Tracker is Fully Integrated with UI Sides. What Does This Mean?

It’s 2020, which means technology that makes life easier is key. The constant evolution continues to connect systems and lead to faster, more effective results. We know it’s a top priority for our clients and their busy schedules, which is why we’re excited to announce we are fully integrated with UI SIDES!

What is UI SIDES?

Before you can understand the excitement behind this, you might need to know what UI SIDES actually is. Broken down, it’s the Unemployment Insurance State Information Data Exchange System. Essentially, the system communicates with different unemployment insurance agencies and transmits data to and from both companies and third-party administrators, or TPAs.

There are different levels depending on how many UI claims you manage, but essentially it helps keep track of claims across several different levels, including state lines. With this information, it’s easier to track claims and payments for former employees.

What does the integration with Unemployment Tracker mean?

We’ve been working with UI SIDES because of all the benefits, including it being a free service, the decrease in paperwork, the confirmation of receipts, and prompt responses. Understanding what a valuable service it is, we’ve broken ground for the UI SIDES Benefit Charges Exchange, which streamlines unemployment insurance processes.

How does this help you?

Basically, it’s just another way we can help deliver more control over your UI claims and ensure you aren’t overpaying. Beyond just money, it’s saving the more valuable resources of time through the integration. You can visit info.uisides.org to learn more about receiving final charge reports and the other services available.

Partner with Unemployment Tracker

While UI SIDES is a great resource, it’s just another element that adds to the different layers of unemployment insurance claims and costs. We get that it can be challenging to keep up, which is why we offer a full range of solutions to meet every need and budget. Our goal at Unemployment Tracker is to give you more control over your UI costs and ultimately save you time and money. Request a live demo today to see what that could look like for you.