Everything You Need to Know about Unemployment Tracker 2.0

Our goal at Unemployment Tracker is to help you manage and your unemployment insurance claims and reduce your overall costs. Because it’s our job to understand the complicated world of UI, we want to make it simple and cost-effective for you. As a result, we’re always improving our products to deliver the best user experience.

This past April, we released our Unemployment Tracker Software version 2.0. Overall, we wanted to create a smoother user experience and introduce our enhanced UI SIDES integration. Fortunately, our users saw the benefits and made the update a resounding success.

UI SIDES Improvements

UI SIDES, or Unemployment Insurance State Information Data Exchange System, is a web-based information exchange system that feeds data from the state unemployment agencies to and from employers, third party administrators, and software companies like Unemployment Tracker. This program includes the benefits of timely responses, free service, less paperwork, and more, but as it evolves within the Department of Labor, we wanted to make sure our software matches its capabilities.

In order to use this federal program effectively, intuitive software and solid integration with UI SIDES is required. Because our users working with unemployment claims value UI SIDES because it saves time, reduces data entry, and ensures compliance, we wanted to create a better platform for them.

To our existing UI SIDES integration, we added the ability to create unemployment claims with one click directly from a SIDES “request” and introduced more SIDES phases. Also, these “requests” are now displayed in a new calendar for a quick and easy overview.

Our development team and full-service division at Unemployment Tracker continue to work together in order to provide the most effective and efficient tools for managing and controlling the complex UI process.

Want to see what else Unemployment Tracker can do?

UI SIDES integration is just one of our many solutions we offer to meet your needs. Whether you’re just looking for UI consulting services or a full-service software, we have the right option for you. In fact, our full range of solutions are designed to fit your individual business concerns all while saving you money. Request a live demo today to see just how we can help you!