What Type of Work Does an Unemployment Claim Entail?

Unemployment claims can come at any time after an employee is no longer with your company. While there are specific qualifications that enable them to receive unemployment insurance, anyone can file. The process employer requires diligence and careful attention. 

First, the Employee Files for UI

Technically, an employee only qualifies for an unemployment claim if he or she is let go at no fault of their own. This means they were laid off or quit with a valid reason. If they feel they should receive the benefit, it is their job to begin the process.

Then, the Employer Receives the Claim

Even though you aren’t starting the process, you should be an active member in it. Once filed, the unemployment office will reach out to you for verification. To avoid overpaying, you must check all of these to make sure the employee qualifies. Failing to confirm means you may be paying claims that are technically ineligible.

Monitoring Incoming Notices

Even when you respond to a notice and the employee isn’t eligible, they can still appeal and then an unemployment hearing is scheduled. If you don’t pay attention or respond to this message, the employee will win and receive benefits they don’t qualify for based on the circumstances of their leaving.

Missing a notice could mean missing a court date or another important detail, costing you money and now and down the line. Your UI rates adjust each year depending on how much you payout and the number of employees filing.

It’s also important to pay attention to former employees and their claims. You can only receive unemployment if you’re available to work, trying to find work, and physically able to do the work. If these are not met, the employee shouldn’t receive UI.

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