“What You Should Look For in an Unemployment Software”

What You Should Be Looking For In An Unemployment Software

Managing unemployment insurance claims is no easy feat. It’s time-consuming and complicated. It is likely that you wear a lot of hats for your company and the last thing you have time for is navigating the complex world of unemployment insurance.

Within the complex world of effective unemployment cost management, there are many moving parts that require your attention and follow through – protesting the claim, tracking the progress of that protest, auditing the charges, following up to ensure that you receive the proper credits, preparing for the hearing, and more. With all of these steps effectively keeping track of it all might seem like trying to hold water in the palm of your hand without spilling it.

That’s where UI software comes in:

Cloud Based Platform
You are going to want a cloud based program in most cases or you need to ensure that any Enterprise software you purchase is optimized for the cloud.

It Should be Designed to Reduce Errors and Missed Deadlines
Your UI Software should have reminders and flags that help ensure you don’t miss deadlines, catch overpayments, and truly can manage your UI costs.

It Needs to Help You Save on the Labor Needed to Manage Your UI Functions
You need automation and ease of use so that you don’t spend more time using the software to manage your UI claims than the old manual method.

It Must Help You Improve Claims Tracking
Forget tailoring your data to fit pre-determined categories. You need to be able to break down your claims, protests and charge data any way you want — by company, division, branch office, department, job title or individual. This helps you to spot potential problems and correct them before they become big headaches.

Powerful Reporting Tools
“Garbage in Garbage Out” is an old adage in the software industry. In order for you to best manage your UI costs the software needs to turn data into useful information that can be leveraged to make proactive and strategic business decisions. You must be able to get the information you need in a format that makes sense. This is an important part of your ability to track and audit the data that helps you lower your UI costs.

It Needs to Be Flexible
UI software is not one size fits all. The ability to tailor your unemployment claims program to fit your unique business needs is critical to making your UI program more efficient and to save time doing it.

You Will Benefit From UI SIDES Integration
UI SIDES is an online tool designed to help you respond to state unemployment insurance requests quickly, easily and accurately. By using an automated data-sharing interface between employers and state UI agencies to exchange information, UI SIDES provides more timely responses, increases staff productivity and creates a national standard for data entry.

It Must Be Agency Compliant
You must ensure that whatever unemployment software you choose, it must have outputs that are unemployment insurance agency compliant (pre-formatted protest documents, etc.). Otherwise you will have to duplicate efforts to enter information into the format the agencies require.

Unemployment tracking software can help you to get a handle on managing this important process effectively and efficiently by automating some functions and providing the ability to quickly and easily access the information you need to control this cost. Contact us at www.UnemploymentTracker.com