What’s Considered a Good Cause for Quitting?

When dealing with unemployment insurance, you know the basics, including what allows a former employee to qualify. The basic principle is they must be let go at no fault of their own, which is easy enough to understand. Employees who are laid off or let go due to downsizing are easy approvals for unemployment benefits. But what about those who quit?

Another side of this is an employee who quits for a good reason is also entitled to UI. This is where it becomes a little vaguer. How do you determine what counts as a “good” reason for quitting? Below are a few considerations to give you an idea.

An Employee Experiences Discrimination 

Discrimination can be due to several factors, including religion, race, sex, or perceived mental or physical limitations. If your employee feels they’re experiencing issues related to this and they aren’t being resolved, they can quit and still file for unemployment insurance.

An Employee Feels at Risk

Whether this is due to health or safety, an employee can reasonably quit if there are risks at work that are deemed unnecessary and aren’t being dealt with by the company.

An Employee Isn’t Paid Enough

If their wages drop below the minimum wages set at either the state or federal level, your employee can quit with good reason because it is now unsuitable.

An Employee Has a Family Emergency

When something happens that requires your employee to handle an emergency or ongoing medical need in his or her family during work hours, they can qualify for unemployment benefits.

What to Do When an Employee Files for a UI After Quitting

These are just a few of the reasons for quitting you might encounter, but the process usually remains the same in each situation. You must right to approve or deny the claim, but either way, it should be thoroughly investigated first, especially if your decision results in a hearing with the employee and unemployment board.

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