Will Exit Interviews Actually Help Increase Employee Retention?

An employee who submits their notice of resignation may bring on feelings of disappointment around the office. If he or she is a top performer, you might be wondering why they want to leave. Instead of just moving on, begin conducting exit interviews to help increase employee retention.

Find out why they’re leaving

Typically, a career change, raise in salary or promotion will be the ultimate reason, but you want to know in more specific terms why they weren’t satisfied at your company.

While in-person interviews provide a good opportunity for follow-up questions, an online questionnaire might cause the employee to feel they have privacy and be more willing to share.

Be consistent in your interviewing

In order to get the best results, you need to make exit interviews a part of the process when an employee leaves. This way it’s expected, and your team understands it’s a part of the process. Even if it’s not necessarily a disappointing departure, you still want their feedback about your company.

See if your hiring strategy is working

Beyond keeping employees longer, exit interviews can help improve your recruitment strategies as well. You can learn more about whether your efforts attracted the right kind of candidate or if they didn’t line up with your values based on their experiences.

Conduct stay employee interviews

Instead of simply relying on the exit interview to learn about an employee’s experience, you can start implementing stay interviews. Check in with your team every so often and find out how they feel their experience is going, what they like, what they don’t like, etc. This way, you can proactively work to improve employee experience.

Put what you learn into play

Ultimately, all the research you gather from these interviews means nothing if you don’t implement the changes necessary to boost employee retention. Consider everything you learn as valuable feedback and work to create a better environment for your current employees.

Trust Unemployment Tracker for your UI needs

Sometimes an employee leaving, either by choice or company decision, means they’ll file for unemployment benefits. When this happens, make sure your company is prepared to respond to all deadlines to ensure you aren’t overpaying or hurting your future tax rates. Learn more about our available UI solutions.